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Introducing UsahaOne
POS System

Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner

UsahaOne POS System can use any brand and model of barcode scanner.

Receipt Printer
Receipt Printer

UsahaOne POS System can be used for various types of models and brands of thermal printers

Barcode Printer
Barcode Printer

By using UsahaOne POS System you can print barcodes for each of your products easily and can be used either regular printer or thermal printer.

Accounting Software
Accounting Software

UsahaOne POS System is complete with accounting software. So you do not have to do accounting separately. Everything is complete using 1 software only.

What is the UsahaOne POS System?

All in 1 Software
For Business Management.

You can manage your business wherever you are.

Usahaone is a complete POS System with Accounting Software. In addition you can also manage your business with other additional features. You can read more by clicking on the button below.

POS System For Restaurants & Cafes

UsahaOne is ideal for businesses that run businesses such as restaurants and cafes. This POS System has the following features.

Kitchen Display System

Your chef or water brewer can see customer orders that have been received directly from the kitchen. You only need to place 1 tab for your kitchen. They can mark the order as it has been cooked after it is made and sent to the customer. Then your staffs can arrange the dishes for the next order.

Order By Table

You can specify your customer order according to your customer’s desk number sitting. To facilitate order management, your waiter can use the tabs when taking orders and customer orders are immediately received by employees in the kitchen. Your cashier also can see the order amount when the customer wants to make a payment

extra charges

You can charge extra for each of your meals such as for example you sell burgers, for extra cheese you charge an additional RM1.

Service Staff

Each order, you can assign the order to a specific employee to complete the order.

Table Booking

If your restaurant has a reservation system for dining tables. You can manage these bookings through the calendar available in the UsahaOne system.

Type of service

Each order of your customer can set the type of order such as eating in the restaurant, direct delivery to the house, delivery using 3rd party courier service or others.

POS System For Grocery, Mini Market, Supermarket, Pharmacy

UsahaOne POS System is very suitable for businesses that run businesses such as grocery stores, mini markets and supermarkets. Pos System UsahaOne has the following features that are very suitable for this business.

Stock management

You can manage the stock for all your products. That way you can reduce the leakage to loss or theft of your product stock.

Product Expiry Date Alert

You can put an expiration date on products that have an expiration date for example on food and beverage products. You will get a alert if your products have expired.

barcode scanner

You can use a barcode scanner to scan the product while your customer is making a purchase.

Print a Barcode

By using the UsahaOne POS System, you can print barcodes automatically by simply selecting the product and quantity of stickers to be printed. No need to manually edit to print barcodes. You can print barcodes using thermal printers, inkjet printers or laser printers.

Receipt Printer

Pos System UsahaOne can use a thermal printer to print receipts for your customers’ purchases.

reward points program

You can reward points to registered customers (membership) to attract more loyal customers and spend more in your store. You can offer any gift when your customers want to redeem reward points.

POS System For Computer Shop, Telephone Store, Gadget Store, Vape Shop

POS System UsahaOne is very suitable for businesses that conduct business such as computer shops, telephone shops, gadget shops, vape shops. POS System UsahaOne has the following features that are suitable for this business.


You can record a warranty for the sale of your product with a warranty. This is easy for your reference and customer if the product is defective during the warranty period.

IMEI, Serial Number and additional info

You can record IMEI, Serial Number and other additional info for each sale of your product. This is easy for your future reference or customer.

Repair Services

If you make a repair service, on the POS System you can make a list of damage to the product. Your technician will receive a list of products that need to be repaired and update each product that is repaired. Your customers can view online the status of the product being repaired and view the invoice. This feature does not yet exist. But will be updated in UsahaOne in the near future.

Advantages of POS System

Suitable For All Types Of Business

Not Just a POS System

Hardware Supported by UsahaOne POS System


You can use any computer either windows or mac. No need to have high specifications to open UsahaOne POS System.

Tablet / Smart Phone

You can open the UsahaOne POS System using a tablet or smart phone. All you have to do is use the browser to open the BusinessOne POS System or download it on Google Play and the iOS Apps Store.


You can use any printer such as thermal printer, inkjet printer and laser printer to print receipts / invoices / quotations and barcodes.

Barcode Scanner

You can use a barcode scanner to scan the barcode on the product while your customer is making a purchase.

Cash Drawer

You can use cash drawer to save cash. Your cash drawer will open automatically when making a transaction if connected to a thermal printer.

You can buy POS System Hardware from us if you don't already have POS System Hardware.

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Frequently asked questions.

You can see the demo by CLICK HERE and enter your username and password as below

Username: demo
Password: demo123

Our account system is very suitable for most types of business. You can see demo or try for Free for 7 days to see if our system is suitable for your business or not.

Yes. You can try it for free for 7 days before you want to subscribe. After that you need to subscribe to the annual payment.

This system has been designed to be very easy to understand and use despite no experience in accountants. You can refer to our tutorial and get help from our support team if you have any questions.

Yes. The system is provided with Malay and English.

Your data is stored on a cloud server. We make backups every night to avoid any possible eventuality.

We do not enter into any contract with the customer. You can unsubscribe at any time you want.

If you are late making a payment or not making a subscription payment. You may not create any new records but you can still view records that have been created before. After 6 months you do not make payment. Your account will be closed.

Each customer will be included in our Telegram group. You can ask questions in the group. In addition you can also Whatsapp our Support or via Email.

Yes we provide training for FREE. You need to make an appointment and come to our office in Bandar Baru Ampang to get training. If you want to get training at your place, transport and trainer charges will apply. If you are outside KL & Selangor you can get free training through Zoom.

You can import & export data such as customer database, sales and products in the form of CSV (Excel).

If you want to import data from a system you previously used. You can import the data such as customer database and products through the CSV (Excel) template that has been provided.

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